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In 1987 Vital Office Supplies (Pty) Ltd was awarded the South African distribution rights for Minolta Plain Paper Copiers, which, in those days, consisted solely of Black and White (monochrome) analogue models (but still State-Of-The-Art at the time!). Shortly afterwards we changed the company name to Reef Minolta (Pty) Ltd to acknowledge our newly awarded status and in 2002 we evolved into Reef Business Systems (Pty) Ltd. when we expanded our product range to encompass Plain Paper Fax Machines (remember them?!) and wide-Format plotter-printers.
The modest success which we have achieved over the 37 years we’ve been in business has been as a natural consequence of the good fortune we have had in continually adding above-average quality people to our ever-growing staff compliment, and vitally, at the same time, adding Industry award-winning brands to our product line-up. We also like to think that our stated policy of “under-promise and over-deliver” in every aspect of our operations has helped too.
We boast a sizeable team of Field Technical Engineers – often outnumbering our sales force – an endorsement of our commitment to provide the highest achievable standard of service to our burgeoning customer base.


Advantages of Rental vs Cash



May escalate/de-escalate instalments to suite client Capital outlay upfront reduces working capital
V.A.T. payable monthly V.A.T. payable upfront
Interest calculated on cash price before V.A.T. Interest lost over period as cash paid upfront that could have enjoyed an interest return of its own.
100% tax deductible monthly Deductible by depreciation via balance sheets annually.
Operating expense in the income statement. Appears in the financials as an asset.
No Capex approval required Capex approval required for purchase of equipment.
Not governed by budgets Governed by the company budget
No deposit is necessary Capital outlay upfront
Improves ‘equity ratio’ ‘current ratio’ and ‘return on assets ratio’ on financial ratio analysis. Must be capitalised
Software, installation, and control cards can be included in the rental. N/A
The option to upgrade equipment is available free of additional V.A.T. on original equipment and if the same supplier is used for new equipment, a preferential discounted figure is given – effectively this is a higher “trade-in” amount. Extraordinarily little to no value is attached to trade-in or 2nd hand equipment after a period of +/- 3 years and therefore capital would effectively be lost when new equipment is purchased. No return of capital would be recognised.

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